Lake Safety Reminders

✴ No-wake rules exist within 100 ft. of shoreline, other watercraft, swimmers and channel.
✴When towing people, at least one person in the boat must be observing the people being towed at all times.
✴Motor boats shall give way to non-motorized vessels. Generally, the lower speed vessel has the right of way. 
✴There is a ban on the use of personal watercraft (jet skis) on Mirror Lake.
✴No high speed boating is allowed between 7:30pm and 11:00am per a Liberty Township ordinance.
✴Always traverse in a counter-clockwise motion around the lake.
✴Only boats owned by MLA members are allowed on Mirror Lake. No guest boats are allowed at any time!


MLA News 9/29/2017

Annexation Vote

Dave Clark wrote:

At the association meeting today the membership voted on a proposal to pursue the purchace of property encompassing the walking trail at the end of Eastshore Drive. The membership voted:  AYE 71, NAY 3

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Local News 12/11/2017

Jackson Police: Two men arrested suspecting of selling meth

The Jackson Police Department reports the following log of activities for the weekend of Dec. 8 to Dec. 10 with officers responding to 258 calls for service, made 97 traffic stops and 26 arrests....

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