The purpose of the Mirror Lake Association (MLA) shall be to do all things necessarry to promote, develop and improve the health, safety and welfare of the property owners of the Mirror Lake Development.


Only property owners are allowed to be members of the association by submitting their annual dues payment to the Mirror Lake Association (MLA). Annual dues notices are sent in March to cover April 1 through March 31 the following year.  Upon receipt of payment, members will receive a MLA Membership Card allowing full use of the lake and park facilities. Current members must return the boat ramp key in order to receive present year key, or pay an additional $10 cost to cover the replacment. New members must present boat registration/title or proof of ownership stating the property owner's name to receive a boat ramp key and new watercraft sticker allowing the craft on the lake. Please review the MLA rules to ensure proper use of the lake and facilities. 

Thank you for supporting our Lake community.

MLA News 9/29/2017

Annexation Vote

Dave Clark wrote:

At the association meeting today the membership voted on a proposal to pursue the purchace of property encompassing the walking trail at the end of Eastshore Drive. The membership voted:  AYE 71, NAY 3

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Local News 10/21/2017

$80k settlement reached in suit claiming woman fired for exposing theft

The lawsuit was resolved and dismissed, without costs or attorney fees to either side this month in U.S. District Court in Grand Rapids, according to a document filed Wednesday, Oct. 17....

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