Fish Bragging

Caught a fish on Mirror Lake that you'd like to brag about with a photo? How about a child's first fish? Just email me the photo at and I'll be glad to add it to the array. If you want to add details about the size, location caught and/or bait used I'll add that as well. Happy Fishin' and thanks for sharing. 

This fish was caught by Nick Smith during last year's ice fishing season. Ron caught this 3 lb bass on a green Mr. Twister on 6/23/14.  Hunter catches his first bass. Way to go Hunter! 
Greg helps Asher catch a fish from the deck. Pat Giggey caught this 20" walleye on a rubber worm and a new hook! Another beautiful bass for the Kellogg family.
  Bob Kellogg gets another great bass. The catching continues in 2014.

MLA News 9/29/2017

Annexation Vote

Dave Clark wrote:

At the association meeting today the membership voted on a proposal to pursue the purchace of property encompassing the walking trail at the end of Eastshore Drive. The membership voted:  AYE 71, NAY 3

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Local News 10/21/2017

$80k settlement reached in suit claiming woman fired for exposing theft

The lawsuit was resolved and dismissed, without costs or attorney fees to either side this month in U.S. District Court in Grand Rapids, according to a document filed Wednesday, Oct. 17....

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