Fish Bragging

Caught a fish on Mirror Lake that you'd like to brag about with a photo? How about a child's first fish? Just email me the photo at and I'll be glad to add it to the array. If you want to add details about the size, location caught and/or bait used I'll add that as well. Happy Fishin' and thanks for sharing. 

This fish was caught by Nick Smith during last year's ice fishing season. Ron caught this 3 lb bass on a green Mr. Twister on 6/23/14.  Hunter catches his first bass. Way to go Hunter! 
Greg helps Asher catch a fish from the deck. Pat Giggey caught this 20" walleye on a rubber worm and a new hook! Another beautiful bass for the Kellogg family.
  Bob Kellogg gets another great bass. The catching continues in 2014.

MLA News 9/29/2017

Annexation Vote

Dave Clark wrote:

At the association meeting today the membership voted on a proposal to pursue the purchace of property encompassing the walking trail at the end of Eastshore Drive. The membership voted:  AYE 71, NAY 3

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Local News 12/11/2017

Jackson Police: Two men arrested suspecting of selling meth

The Jackson Police Department reports the following log of activities for the weekend of Dec. 8 to Dec. 10 with officers responding to 258 calls for service, made 97 traffic stops and 26 arrests....

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